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Hey there!

My name is Tonia, I am a mindset geek, A Chartered Administrator (ACIA), and an unperturbed optimist. I am a wife and a mother of four. 

I have a keen interest in how to live my best life and helping other highly sensitive women do the same. I achieve whatever I feel is best of me and always discover the bigger glimpse of life.

I have experienced some hurdles and trauma in my life; at a brink of despair. Which literally affected me never to do the things I have wished to do. But, I am extremely fulfilled by the life I am leading now.

No one can ever change your life except YOU. Do it for YOU and no one else.

Anthonia Okezie-tonokez-blog
Anthonia Okezie-tonokez-blog

In 2008 I took a courageous effort to conquer my uncertainties. Honestly, it was the best decision I ever made. Thus; it made me discover who I am, my “be” goals. Away from my comfort zone, naysayers, my formalities to inhabit my own renaissance.

I have discovered certain aspects of myself that I never knew I had and reckoned that I could achieve.

My vision is to encourage highly sensitive, purpose-driven women who are experiencing a lack of confidence to discover how to be confident, self-love, and self-care to enable them to thrive; by getting committed to an impeccable mindset.

If I can do it to be who I am today, you too can. Kindly get in touch, so that we can get started.



Anthonia Okezie-tonokez-blog
Anthonia Okezie-tonokez-blog

In 2000 I had the vision to be a lawyer; I graduated from secondary school a year later. After that, I had some family challenges; things became pretty rough. My hopes were dashed out. I gave up! Yes, I did.

I started having some backslides; emotional and psychological distress. Honestly, I literally felt that life was not worth it; so I decided to pick the remaining pieces of my life and moved on.

You know the saying that goes thus; “when life throws lemons at you, make lemonades”

I decided to be intentional, I stopped overthinking and started praying harder; focusing on the bigger picture. I took my life journey as it comes. ‘I wasn’t happy though but I was hopeful.

I graduated from university and did my professional course as a Chartered Administrator.

I had a passion for writing; I AM A SELF THOUGHT MINDSET COACH! I tutored my mind to be optimistic. Despite the opinion of skeptics. I promised to equip my life to be more and do more. I can’t applaud my achievement without the phenomenal support of my dearest hubby.

I am a book junkie😊, so I started reading motivational books.

I went further to study these courses:

  • Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health
  • Mindset shift
  • Mindfulness to stress

So as to enable women to find their values, and discover their purpose in life. Do these resonate with you?

Alright, I have found mine, let me help you find yours.


Okezie George Anthonia




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