The reasons why family bonds don’t last are numerous but aside from the five reasons, I have always frowned at discussing your child’s or partners weaknesses with extended family or friends. Honestly, it destroys the bond.

Have you experienced that? How did it make you feel?  Because to me, it is weird. Literally, I frown at parents not having time exclusively with their kids. ( at least weekend) Technology has come to stay, but always remember that whatever you do family comes first. More Also, strive to schedule your priorities with your family. I understand that as a parent, it might seem a bit difficult due to your basic schedule.

But remember that, you ought to build a strong relationship with your family; they are the source of your strength.

Reasons Why Family Bonds Don’t Last And Solutions.

There is a difference from correcting a child with love and correcting a child with condemnation. The five reasons why family bonds don’t last are;

  • Lack of mutual understanding – When you  don’t understand a child, it makes you never to see anything good in that child. Learn to understand your child’s weaknesses and try as much as you can to help them improve on themselves
  • Preferences Over Others – When you practice preferential treatment in your home, you are planting a seed of discord amongst your children; the consequences isn’t going to be easy. Because, It breeds jealousy, and unhealthy competition. Learn to treat your children equally.
  • Deception – Family built on deceit does not last, learn to be transparent, don’t lie to your family just because you want them to see you as a star, tell the truth to them even if it is difficult. Find courage in making them accept their fate and expectations.
  • Inability to Forgive- Sometimes family members finds it difficult to let go of their hurts, even when the offender seems remorseful. You see! Resentment destroys a family, Forgiveness is the greatest form of love; you have to stay committed to your family when you offend each other
  • Claiming to be right all the time- You have to give rooms for corrections; no one knows it all. Learn to open a room for discussion and suggestions, try to understand everyone’s view by carrying them along in your plans and schedules.

However, family does not necessarily mean that you must be related by blood. It could also be people who want you in their lives; the ones that accept you for who you are and not what you have to offer. The ones who will go extra miles to ensure that you are happy to see you smile always.


After several experiences in life, I have come to terms that, the true definition of family should be determined by the behavior and not by blood; not all family is blood and not all blood is family. But if you want to build strong family bonds, then that will be awesome.

Did you learn something from these? What’s your take? I will love to hear from you.

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