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Before I start with the main topic; I have a question for you. Thus,

Is setting smart goals in our life important?

This is certainly an excellent question! Especially asked by those who for one reason or the other tries to ignore having goals, even at the start of a new year.

Yes, possessing and setting smart goals at the start of a new year is extremely important. Even if most people feel that goals settings are too restricting. Few people are anxious about failure or perceive that the whole strategy of deciding and scheduling goals as a bit terrifying, useless or too upsetting. And others think it much easier to what I call

go with the flow.”

Goals setting should not be difficult or constraining. Setting and fulfilling goals is an amazing way of establishing what you want to do or what you want to have; more of or less of in your life. And then designing the direction to make that emerge.

I want you to understand this; When you want to buy or invest in a task. The first question you ask yourself is; Why I am I doing this? Or why am I investing in this project and what do I intend to achieve? Those answers that spur on the head are the purposes of your goals. Let’s take a look at;

5 Benefits of Goals Settings 

  1. Goal settings denote that you’ll be the principal of your own life. You tend to get too explicit occurrences rather than have life’s incidents to lead you.
  2. A substantial goal provides you with a context to establish and pursue your growth on the way to the desired development.
  3. Obtaining a goal is an incredible justification to observe how far you’ve accomplished.
  4. Well measured, realistic goals can end the cycle of failure around hastened new year’s resolutions.
  5. Attaining a goal, however little, will improve your morale to go forward to even greater entities.

Meanwhile, if you do not tease your own game in life, with your conception and your own goals. There’s a probability that you’ll remain a cog in the wheel of someone else’s life event and goals.

Is that what you want? Let’s take a look at;

Why do You Need to Plan Your Goals?

When you carefully plan the strategy towards achieving your goal; it won’t stop you from making mistakes and ascending a blank wall, but it sure helps. Take for instance,

By establishing a time frame, understanding the resources you need and assessing what could go wrong, you are also likely to find a few setbacks along the path to victory.

Slating and plopping into action the paces towards the goal can be thrilling, reflecting, contesting and awarding personal quest to a unique, more independent you.

A goal doesn’t have to be big and explicit. A goal can also be a possibility or idea to be analyzed.

Goals settings give precept and focus on your journey through life. But you can always decide a unique path should a better orientation become apparent as you push on.

Always bear in mind that when setting goals. You MUST ensure that; it has to be your goal, not tonokez, friends, employees, family’s or partner’s goal.

8 Common Constraints to Achieving Goals

If you are struggling to reach your goals, it’s most conceivably for one of these reasons;

  • Sense of shame and pessimistic energy around past failed goals. You have not processed your beliefs or learned from your failures. 


  • Not endorsing or applauding those goals that have been completed. It’s an issue literally. Applauding growth and fulfilment strengthens our self-esteem and enthusiasm. Which we need at all times to and encourage and keep us going.


  • Not shifting habits. Frequent goals need behavioural change to be achieved. Take, for instance, giving up junk diet and late-night meals if you truly want to lose weight.


  • Establishing a deadline for attaining the goal that’s too rigid to be logical. This invariably imposes unduly much pressure on yourself, and you might become frustrated or thwart the goal completely.


  • Missing out the main foundation of the goal and ensuring that it’s significant and SMART


  • Lacking a significant justification for setting goals. Do you know you’re why? A clear “why” makes any “what” possible!


  • Not jotting out your goals, so it just spins around in your head. Jotting down a goal gives it significance and makes it more substantial.

Let’s wrap this up

Goals are there to be adopted and celebrated rather than ignored. And they can be entertaining; if we approach it in the right way.

So, if you are half-hearted around setting and planning goals, I hope this gives you some insights to partake to your achievement.

I will like to know if this resonates with you on the comment section.🤗

Happy New Year❤

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