Life can be so harsh and daring at times. But the high time you start accepting that, the earlier you start having full control of your lives. I have developed some resilient attitude which has made me to be able to handle any cruel or challenging situation.

The fact is this; if you can handle any cruel or stressful situations of any form with calmness. Then, you have 97% of being a mentally strong person.

Now, how do we develop a strong personality?

I will be telling you the hurdles, realities, and truths of life. The sooner we understand this fact. The earlier we have absolute control over our perception to life.

Indeed, there are several ways, but I will only mention just a few below, and when you go through them and start implementing them in your life, then you will notice a massive change within yourself.

You can never satisfy anyone.

Most times we spend time getting paranoid on how people see us or talk about us. And if you continue your life this way, your life will seem meaningless. Of course! What’s is the essence of life without happiness? You matter too. Satisfy yourself first because you can never give what you don’t have. 

Honestly, it’s highly impossible to please everyone. Even if you do, there must be someone out there that will tell it to you that you aren’t good enough or you are following the wrong path. In other words, you will be criticized regardless of what you do. I will advise you to do what you love. Because; the only judge you should listen to is your awesome self.

You are who you believe you are and not what you think you are.

Instead of sitting at home watching Netflix and trying to imagine your life to be better by building Castle in the air. You will never get them. Until you stand up and get busy doing something tangible. The ability to build big plans is a wonderful thing, but if it’s not accompanied by actions. Then it’s absolutely useless. Because in the end, you will be judged by your actions and not your thoughts. 

No one will come to rescue your own life.

Sometimes, we want to believe what who we think we are, or an incredible surprise is waiting for us. Take, for instance, you are disappointed, then you start smoking, drinking to stupor, or taking drugs just to wade off that awful thought. If you will agree with me, you will find out that, after your eyes are clear. (feel better or be your normal self)

The problem is still there, sitting and smiling at your face. You honestly should not think that a magician will miraculously appear and save you from all those problems.

The truth is that; shits happens sometimes. Instead of thinking, drinking and doing all sorts. You must find a way to work on them by yourself. Your problem can never be solved by a magic wand. 

Being mentally strong means that when you face hard times, just put an armor, climb a horse and save yourself. That’s what the strongest people do. Because; they know and believe that there is no one to help them other than they themselves.

Stop finding excuses for people who do not give you attention

If no one doesn’t respond to your calls or message within an ample time frame. It literally doesn’t indicate that they are too busy. Sometimes, people tend not to answer or respond to your message because they don’t want to.  You have to understand that silence is a response too. Therefore; the earlier you desist from finding excuses for people who don’t want you to be part of their lives. The sooner you will be able to deal with your self and any situation efficiently. Sometimes, we always want people’s validation or opinions on how we live our life. But you still have to understand that you are more than capable too. It’s called self-confidence.

Never be Scared to say NO

Irrespective of how kind-hearted or sincere you can be. You ought to be more interested than your needs and priorities first. Most people are fond of taking as much as you allow them to take. Therefore; try to identify and maintain the maximum permissible limits. And Never allow anyone to sit on your neck by making you say yes to the things that actually you do not want in your life. 

If you want to develop a strong mindset; don’t be scared to say “No” to anything that you do not want. It will give you a synergy that no one will intercede for you if they do not stand for your self.

The world does not owe you anything.

No matter the kind of personality you ought to have; if you don’t try to work to develop yourself. All the qualities will remain in your imagination.

You have two options; Either you spend your entire life regretting your self; because you think you deserve more. Or you start acting and taking everything from life now. You are created for a purpose, filled with untapped potentials. Start making use of it. Start exploring by making your existence worthwhile.

Believe that you are capable There’s no perfect life, sometimes we are bound to face some hurdles at some point in our lives. But when you have no time, money, or resources to achieve your goals. The bitter truth is this; every person in this world has at least one good excuse not to move towards the life that they want. But people who get want they want in their lives always ignore their excuses.

Find ways to overcome your limitations, rather than lamenting on them. 


Literally, ways to be strong mentally are endless; having mentioned just a few. I can go on and on… But guess you might be too busy to read all????.

Meanwhile, the fact remains that sometimes; we get attracted to those who never give a damn about us. Too horrible!

In life, if you learn to mind your business, develop yourself more by having a strong personality to excel in your race, the purpose of your life. And quit expecting anything from no one. Then the whole world will be attracted to you.

How do you intend to live your life? You have two options; it’s either you run after those who care about you or, you want to be scooted by others.

Hope this sparks up your mental mind… Kindly let me know.

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