Are you highly temperamental to the extent that you end up breaking stuff? Or saying shit and end up regretting afterward? If yes, I have got good news for you! And I am going to give you several easy and quick guide, to tame your negative emotions. Firstly, you have to agree with me that anger is a SIN hun…

However, emotions are very normal, but anger doesn’t solve anything, rather it destroys your personality. Because; what you say can never be taken back and broken glass can never be mended. Which is why no matter how furious you get, try to hold your emotions first.

Take for instance

Get two bottles of minerals, and then put it on a stool right before you. Then shake the two bottles with the same pressure and strength. Thereafter, open one of the bottles immediately and allow one to settle for at least 10 mins. Now, what are your findings? It’s certain that the first one will gush out and spill everywhere, and the content will reduce and the bottle will be soiled. Whilst the other will not spill and the content will remain intact. There is a typical example of managing and controlling your anger.

What do you do

I am very sure you understood the illustration I gave. The spilled minerals depict anger and fury, while the other depicts calmness, patience, and tolerance. I honestly understand that sometimes, people will want to get on your nerves, but it’s best if you do not react. Do not give anyone so much power to take out the nicest being in you. Perhaps; you have every right to be angry when you have put off your moods, but the way you react to it has a lot to say about you.

Everyday we have plenty of opportunities to get angry, stressed and offended. But what you are doing when you indulge these negative emotions is giving something outside yourself power over your happiness. You can choose not to let little things upset you.


Quick ways to deal with anger

  • Silent Treatment; You are bound to get angry at some points in your life. Which makes you human. But, if anyone tries to put you off your mood. Try to keep calm and watch the person play out what’s in their mind. When you are calm, express your anger in an assertive and non-confrontational way. Ensure you state clearer boundaries to avoid a repeat.
  • Walk away; Some people can be toxic, don’t let them drain your energy with their toxicity. Instead of reacting badly and regretting later, it’s best you ignore and walk away. Honestly, it is for the best and your sanity. If you speak when you are angry, you will make the best speech that you will ever regret.
  • Never hold grudges; Grudges is like a poison that eats you from the inside. Therefore, if you have been hurt or betrayed? Don’t let bitter and unhappy people drag you down to their level. Instead, cage your rage, and take a deep breath. If you hold on to anger it’s like you are grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else which at the end you are the one that gets burnt.
  • Listen to your favorite music or an interesting movie.
  • Take a nap or a stroll
  • Count to 30 in your mind slowly before any response.
  • Try to avoid any situation that can steer up your anger.
  • Talk to yourself like ”anger is not going to solve anything”


Learn to practice self-control, for it is a balance between inner wisdom and outer action. But, If you allow anger to gets the best version of you in any way, then you will end up being a victim of your fury. You deserve a better life and a peaceful state of mind.

Although, anger can be too extreme to some individuals, and it will be a very big problem if you allow it affects your work, relationship or any other aspects of your life. Always try to be aware of your angry moods. Because; for every anger, there’s a trigger, which could be your thoughts and behavioral attitude.

Therefore, learn to balance your thoughts. They are a mere opinion and not facts. Sometimes you are bound to be mistaken. Therefore try as much as you can to identify your thoughts when you are angry, then try to analyze the situation in a different way. Someone might try to tell you anything just to set your emotions ablaze.

From my illustration above, try to be a typical example of the coke that was not opened after the shakes. I always tell people that come to me for help on how to tame their anger. My best therapy is the silent treatment and walking away. Because; I have learned that its best to stay calm and say nothing at all. I want you to practice this guide as often as possible.

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