You want to succeed right? But how do you plan to go about that? To me, I have always had my plans figured out, even when I don’t see positive results, I still learn to trust the process and create another opportunity; which is the key factor to success. I also want you to always do that too.

Moreover, don’t get distracted with things that do not align with your passion; you have to always learn to be the better version of your self every now and then. Although, for you to be successful, you will fail several times. It’s now up to you to either get up from that floor, dust your feet and move further, as fast as you can or stay there.

Most of you will choose to remain on that floor; because you had a little bruise. Then, you give up! Just like that! What makes you think that everything good in life comes easy? Hey! you see those falls you had; was actually preparing you for something better ahead. (believe it or not) The falls are the opportunities you have to better yourself, which leads you to your passion. All you need is to take it one day at a time, ( don’t be too hard on yourself) and decide to pursue your dreams.

A Short Story

I always like to tell stories because; it gives clarity on my topic, which is likely to help you resonate better.

I had a friend who lost her job and decided to go into a female fashion business. However, sometimes she will call me on phone complaining that her business isn’t moving, that she is tired of the business. Therefore, she wants to start up another business. (She had an impression that, if she switched to a different business, she will be successful ) I understood her plight; she just needed to refrain her mindset, so I gave the several strategies that could help her make sales, on that same business.

Then she started imbibing what I taught her in her life and her business. A few months later, she visited me, with hampers, got some gifts for my children and I was stunned; I was not expecting anything in return, I do not do favors to receive any gift (that’s me) you need to see the expression of joy in her. She said; I can’t thank you enough for your advice, wow! In the first few months, she made a huge sale, and it was like a dream to her. She decided to come to say “thank you” truthfully success is in your mindset”

However, learn to create an opportunity when you can’t find any, you don’t have to wait for it. Honestly, our society has thought us to look for a job instead of to create opportunities. The Obstacles that come your way are not meant to stop you. Rather, they were designed to point the new way to a new route, new possibilities, and open doors. Creating a solid mindset can go a long way towards helping you stay successful always.

Ways to build a successful mindset

Be Flexible.

Sometimes, things don’t always go well as plan, as you expect it to. But you must have to maintain a certain level of emotional fitness. However, you don’t expect everything thing to work out right always. But that does not mean that it won’t be successful. Always be ready to open up any adjustments as the situation arises. Adapting to that situation will help you stay on track.

Maintain Positivism

You can be your own worst nightmare at times. But it’s very necessary you take consciousness of what you say to yourself. Instead of involving in self-sabotage, why not see positivity in your everyday life. Develop and practice positive thoughts always, Learn to encourage your self, reward yourself. Because; your results in your life always start and end with the way you think. Always check yourself before you destroy yourself with your own thoughts.

Patience And Consistency

Patience is indeed a virtue, from my story above you understood that my friend wasn’t patient. Sometimes, when you’re impatient you lose greater opportunities. Whatever you do in your life, always know that there are no short cuts in life, you just need to always work hard, and be patient and be consistent about it. Perhaps; these are the most important keys to a successful mindset in life.

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