Living your purpose in life is finding the way to your existence. How do you find your passion, and live a purposeful life? In other to achieve this, you will need to learn and study more about yourself. Like; what gets you going, and motivates you. Then you ought to give yourself honest feedback.

I always tell people around me, that you don’t have to find yourself just like that. In the process of identifying who you are, ensure that you are creating your well being into a person that you will be proud of.

Ways to Identify Your Purpose

Life has no meaning when you have no purpose; the joy of life starts by, looking out for your true purpose and aligning it with what you do daily. Most young men and women always want to do things because of pressures mounted on them by their parents and peers. I truly understand that the world is full of competition and comparison. But I always ensure I tell them to take a chill pill, and take the following steps which are;

Bloom where you are planted
  1. Identify your passion: Look out for; what you love doing, even if it entails you reaching out to your past; Do you know those things you have been curious about? Be specific about what inspires you, and then find out how and what it takes for you to get started. Then shoot your shot. Passion is the fire that lights your way.

  2. Making Decisions: let me tell you these; if you are determined on finding your passion, you must take some very necessary steps;
  • Let go of fear, don’t allow fear, pull you back from reaching out for what you love most.

  • Remove Doubts, whatever consumes your mind controls your life. It kills your dreams, it makes you prone to self-sabotage. Tell yourself that you are powerful than you think.
  • Never let the opinion of people around you drain your motives; because you are capable, and you are your only limit. So, be confident in yourself always.
  • Stop making unnecessary excuses and go for what you want. Ensure that you make every second of your life count. Your purpose is like a clock ticking every second; find anyone that you admire positively and emulate them.

   3. Embrace your true self

Find Your Passion And Believe In Your Self

Believe in yourself hence no one will do it for you, your perception about life has nothing to do with your fate but from you. Many of you believe in vision and spirituality. I remember vividly when I was younger then, I see most parents visit pastors and clergy to tell them about their future.

However, they will fast and pray day and night ( I am not saying it’s bad) but the truth is; the majority of what you are told is not true. Who is that person that will speak in your life when your creator (God) has not spoken? Besides, when it’s your time to shine, no one can dim your light.  What you believe in your life is what you become.

I have always believed in who I am, what I am, my aspirations, and what motivates me. Which has helped me grow? Therefore, step out of your comfort zone today and find your passion. Nothing good will ever come out from your comfort zone.

Quit living by your imaginations; you are only imprisoned by your beliefs. Start each day to tell yourself what you are, who you are, and will become. I don’t believe in prophecy, it has ruined the lives of so many people, it has broken marriages, it has broken family union and so much more.

What did you learn from these? I will love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading.

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