Tonokez Blog - basic facts about family
Tonokez Blog - basic facts about family

There’s no perfect family; learn to be a role model and not a critic.

No family is perfect as we all know right? Although being family does not necessarily mean that you must be related by blood. Like I have always said. But, families should always learn to co-exist amongst themselves.

However, it’s weird seeing people interfere in family issues and then go about saying shit about their flaws.

If you have any issues with any of your family members, do yourself a favor and sort it out amicably within yourselves. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public and expect miracles. You don’t have to feel bad when the people you sold your family values to; start throwing stones, ( at you and your family, because you caused it) fret not! It’s your fault, not theirs.

Always learn to shut your mouth.

For the fact that someone disclosed personal related issues to you does not give the right to spill it out and say what you like. Learn to be a light and not a judge. I want you to understand that, sometimes, if someone opens up to you to tell you about their family feud. It simply means that you are trusted and considered part of their family. Or probably, they are vulnerable and needed someone to talk to them at that point.

It’s no big deal, because; we all need each other at some points of our lives. So why be a critic instead of a model? All these are the major causes of family disintegration.

I have seen where siblings betray each other, and pretend to the world that there’s love amongst them. Stop bad mouthing yourselves and allow love to lead always.

Why you should choose to be a model

It doesn’t matter if you are related by blood or not. There is a primary purpose why they chose to tell about their problem. Therefore, be a source of peace in their lives. Address whatever issues that needed an urgent response without prejudice or fear. Make them understand that their peace of mind is paramount. Moreover, make them understand the consequences of a divided family.

You are not perfect, so am I and so are they. Try as much as you can to settle any issues with love. Instead of criticizing anyone, give them a clearer picture of who they are. You don’t need to paint a beautiful picture out of the situation at hand.

I have a lot of issues I settle severally amongst families. Sometimes it’s challenging. But I ensure that I put my myself in their perspectives. I don’t need to sugar coat anything. I say things just as they are. It’s that simple!

Therefore, if you practice these often and then try to understand that everyone has flaws, you shouldn’t be biased in any way. Whether you are benefiting from the person or not. Tell them the truth! Tell them what they should hear and not what they want to hear.


I have met with several families just to settle issues. Perhaps! It’s not every family issues that I involve myself. Sometimes, I tell them ” settle your scores” And if you ask me why; my reasons are because there are some things that you don’t need to make a fuss out of. Privacy is very necessary I must say, and staying low key is dope! Because nothing good usually comes from people knowing much about you. There are negative people around you, so don’t add up to that toxicity.

However, family issues should and must remain within the family. Instead of going about spitting fire about your family. Learn to consider the consequences of your actions. Therefore always think before you act, ”NO FAMILY IS PERFECT ” and there is nothing like a perfect family. Nothing whasoever!

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